A Taste of Things to Come…

For my next few blog posts, I want to try something new: writing a series. I’m imagining probably 4 somewhat interconnected posts in the service of telling a bigger story or making more nuanced points than I usually do. I feel that since my return to the blog, I’ve been missing some of the deeper thought and analytical rigor I had when I was just starting Thought Distiller. So this will be my attempt to get back to that.

It will also be my way of keeping the skills I learned in the consulting world sharp. My intention for this series is to analyze Lambda School, the program through which I’m learning computer science, via the lens of the 4C’s, a framework that was super popular at Fahrenheit 212 (my previous employer).

What are the 4C’s?

  • Consumer: who are the company’s core demo, what drives them, etc.?
  • Channel: how does the company access their consumers?
  • Category: who does the company compete with, is the common perception of their competitive set correct, etc.? 
  • Company: what is the company’s brand, do they have unique assets, etc.?

I expect I’ll write one blog post under each of the C’s, potentially in the order above. What I’ll try to do within each of those C’s is give a detailed description of what’s going on with reliance on data, expert quotes, etc. in order to arrive at insights or hypotheses about the future. Ultimately, I hope to ascertain why Lambda is making some of the decisions it does and what it could do strategically in the future. 

If there’s anything you want me to cover, drop me a note in the comments!

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