The Quest for Synergistic Knowledge

Hi, I’m Rahul Desai and I’m a professional thought distiller (read: consultant).

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I try to find new ways to connect ideas from different disciplines. We all absorb so much information on a daily basis, but then limit ourselves by placing different ideas in silos. Knowledge is synergistic: it’s most effective when different concepts are networked together. Today, success depends on how well people can adapt, not how specialized their skills are. In a world where machines can specialize more effectively than we can, the only way to survive is to cut across fields to arrive at creative, efficient solutions to our problems.

Thought Distiller’s goals are threefold:

  1. Discover powerful ideas from diverse fields.
  2. Connect those insights where possible.
  3. Create / share decision-making frameworks based on networked knowledge.

About the Author

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I got interested in synergistic knowledge because I’ve been lucky enough to work across vastly different fields. I’ve seen firsthand how seemingly unrelated ideas can work together to create a huge impact.

I currently work at Fahrenheit 212, a leading innovation consulting firm that lets me distill thoughts for fun and profit.

Previously, I founded Trendify, a data science firm that can predict startup success. Before that, I worked for Encore Alert, a social media analytics startup (acquired by Meltwater), and Lamont Financial, a top bond advisory firm. I also consulted for Riide, an electric bike company. I attended Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where I studied Operations & Information Management and English.


I frequently post summaries of or quotes from other people’s work. Credit for good stuff goes to them where applicable. If you, as a copyright holder, feel I have infringed on your copyright, please let me know and we can work together to fix it.

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