I try to write books on topics that require more in-depth analysis. So far, I have written two nonfiction ebooks that tie into the themes of this blog. Soft Control and The First 30% discuss knowledge management and the process of starting companies, respectively.

Soft Control

Soft Control Book Cover

Soft Control is a ~140-page book on survival in the knowledge economy. It reexamines the meaning of knowledge and analyzes the abuses we suffer due to knowledge exploiters’ more unscrupulous endeavors (think NSA). More importantly, it efficiently discusses how you can acquire and deploy knowledge more effectively. You can get it here for $14.99 or watch the video below to learn more.

The First 30%

The First 30% Cover

This is the official ebook for Sam Altman’s class at Stanford, How to Start a Startup. It contains the best wisdom from the partners and successful startups at Y Combinator, a leading early-stage venture capital fund. The book concerns everything from co-founders to stock to growth. It’s available on a pay-what-you-want basis here.