Codex Vitae: A Book of Life

I’ve embarked on a fun new side project: creating a codex vitae, or a “book of life.” I’ve adapted this idea from Buster Benson, who was inspired by Robin Sloan’s novel Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. The quote from the book that inspired Benson is the following:

“And this is the other treasure. Following in the Founder’s footsteps, every member of this fellowship produces his or her own codex vitae, or book of life. It is the task of the unbound. Fedorov, for example, who you know is one of these. When he is finished, he will have poured everything he has learned, all his knowledge, into a book like these” [emphasis mine].

In his version, Benson laid out that his “document’s purpose is to capture my beliefs about the universe, track how my thoughts change over time, and act an invitation to others to hold me accountable to my beliefs and commitments.” My version serves not only to accomplish those goals for myself but also to highlight the things I wish I knew earlier in life and record those things for the children I hope to one day have. Furthermore, this serves as a notebook to capture idea fragments that may benefit from public support, co-creation, or scrutiny.

Currently, only one thought in my codex vitae is meaningfully formed (by definition, a codex vitae is never “finished” while you live): what I think about money. I invite you to check it out.

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