Confessions: Playing an Old Victorian Game

I recently learned about an interesting hobby that some people used to partake in during Queen Victoria’s reign and decided to try it out. In Victorian England, one pastime among friends and family was to jot down your “Confessions”— answers to semi-serious questions of taste and principle. I have taken the list of questions that Karl Marx answered in the spring of 1865, and have provided my own answers. While Marx did not indicate why he answered questions in any particular way, I have strived to provide some explanation of my choices. These are my confessions.

Question Answer Explanation
The quality you like best Efficiency My name means “efficient” in Sanskrit and I studied Operations Management in college.
Your chief characteristic Quick-study Speed-reading + memory = knowledge acquisition
Your favorite occupation CEO Aspirational…
The vice you hate most Ignorance In most cases, there’s no excuse for not picking up a book.
The vice you excuse most Arrogance I’ve excused it in myself and so I do in others. It’s something I personally need to work on.
Your idea of happiness Complete freedom see section on Money
Your idea of misery Bureaucracy Being told what to do, esp. in a slow and broken system, chafes.
Your aversion Boring people What sort of a person wants to be bored (or boring)?
Your hero Deadpool The wisecracks get me every time, also immortal.
Your heroine Jane Eyre She had her shit together, for the most part.
The poet you like best Lord Byron “She Walks in Beauty” is a damn good poem.
The prose writer you like best F. Scott Fitzgerald He makes prose sound like poetry, layered with wit and insight.
Your favorite flower Blue orchid They are quite rare, tough to grow, and phenomenally pretty.
Your favorite dish Malai kofta Feels very comforting to me
Your maxim Success is knowing what to do and how to do it. Seems like the simplest true advice I’ve heard.
Your motto For now, “Hoya Saxa” The informal motto of my alma mater meaning “What Rocks”
Your favorite color Red It’s the color of my personality (see Color Code).
The character in history you most dislike Joseph Stalin Killed tens of millions in the process of building a society, distorted its theoretical underpinnings, and ultimately had it implode. There’s something profoundly tragic about the callousness and wasted life there.

If you find yourself with some spare time, I’d love to see your answers to “Confessions!”

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