Request for Startup: Machine Vision for Haircuts

I recently got a haircut and one thing I’m always struck by is the inconsistency of quality. Even if I’m going to the same barber or hairdresser for successive haircuts, I still face a risk of getting a subpar haircut. That realization got me to thinking about whether something could be done to fix haircuts.

While I haven’t done the customer development to verify this, I hypothesize that hairdressers struggle to maintain quality because they don’t have reference models for each haircut. I know that my accounts of how my hair gets cut varies each time, so perhaps it’s a failure on my part to be insufficiently descriptive. That means that a single source of truth could mitigate the discrepancies in customer descriptions.

I’m envisioning a multi-part system that can turn haircuts into a data-driven exercise. First, a mobile app that uses machine vision to stitch together a 3D model of the customer’s head from photos. Second, a telescoping stand that the hairdresser can place an app-enabled phone on, at the appropriate height to capture the customer’s head. Third, the hairdresser just spins the customer around in the chair in order to render a model.

Imagine these pictures getting put together into a 3D reference model.

By doing this before and after a haircut, the hairdresser develops a model that they can use to ensure the quality of a haircut every time. And, of course, a customer can ask for this during subsequent haircuts if they want to update their model, in case it initially captured a bad haircut.

I also think this could give rise to smart clippers. With a reference model in place, the clippers could gather data on whether the hairdresser is on track to hit the end-state model. The app could then offer corrective advice where necessary. I’d personally love to see something like this get built, because I’m tired of subpart haircuts.

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