Rutger Bregman on Universal Basic Income

Today, instead of writing my own post, I’d like to share a talk by Rutger Bregman from TEDxMaastricht. Bregman is a 28-year-old historian and author who has published four books on history, economics, and philosophy.

As an aside, I find it interesting how writing by “pop historians” like Bregman, Yuval Harari, and Nassim Taleb has come into vogue over the last few years. I think that, perhaps, we as a people have grown bored of consuming the “pop psychology” made famous by folks like Malcolm Gladwell and are seeking a new lens through which to investigate our world. For now, that lens seems to be history.

Returning to our main topic, Bregman’s latest book is called Utopia for Realists and offers evidence-based ideas for how we can make society better for everyone. One of the ideas that he discusses within the book is universal basic income, which is also the subject of his TEDx talk. Bregman also spoke about basic income at TED 2017 this year, after which his talk was widely discussed on forums like Twitter. While I don’t currently have a concrete opinion on basic income, I do think this talk is worth watching.

You can check it out here or at the embed below:

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