Venture Deals – Targeting Specific VC Firms

As someone interested in tech entrepreneurship and venture capital, I decided to start taking the free Venture Deals course offered by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson of Foundry Group in partnership with the Kauffman Fellows Academy and Techstars. The course is based on Feld and Mendelson’s book of the same name, widely considered one of the best resources for learning about how venture capital deals get done.

This week’s assignment focused on picking the right VCs and preparing an approach (i.e. how do you get in front of them?). My team came up with a fake startup called LoyalMed, which is a membership platform for healthcare that sits on top of your health insurance. Through LoyalMed, you get faster check-ins, less paperwork, and sometimes even cheaper care. However, the point of the assignment wasn’t to come up with an outstanding company idea (the LoyalMed idea is not a particularly novel one; OneMedical is already doing something along these lines quite well).

Instead, the assignment was to come up with 3 venture firms to target, explain why we were targeting them, and how we would get in front of their partners. Ultimately, we picked Bessemer Venture Partners, Rock Health, and First Round Capital. You can see the assignment deliverable here, or at the embed below.


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